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4pc_bkg_content.jpg.psd.jpgStandard Paint Industries was found in 1969 in the industrial heart of Pakistan – Karachi. The company started as a manufacturing firm developing oxide colors and producing master batches for the famous ‘Blue Bird’ Brand colors. Gradually with the passage of time, the need was felt to become self sufficient in oxides, color earths and other minerals heavily used in the making of dry oxide colors. The first development phase was to install an Oxide Manufacturing Plant which made ground in the year 1978 to manufacture high quality yellow and red oxide pigment colors. SPI oxide colors were not only sold to different industries throughout the country being the only plant in Pakistan, the products started being exported. [After a successful 20 years of operation, the oxide plant had to close down due to the fierce Chinese competition in the international and local markets and rising local costs].

In the second phase, a ‘Steam Jet Micronizing Plant’ was imported and installed which started to grind color earths (Red Oxide, Red & Yellow Ochre and Limonite) and later to produce calcium carbonate and chalk powder for the paint industry. Micronized Chalk (CaCo3) soon became in high demand in the local paint & rubber industry and it picked rapid fame and appreciation from the multinational paint manufactures.  This laid the foundation for Standard Paint Industries as the pioneers of high quality white minerals as well.

The success in the white mineral industry and being the pioneers of bringing the mineral grinding technology in Pakistan, the need was felt to upgrade the grinding process and shift from Steam Jet Micronzer to the Ball Mill Grinding technology and for the first time ever in Pakistan, German equipment Alpine Classifiers were installed and introduced in the country. It gave an edge to the SPI over others in delivering high quality products. The technology advancement also opened the international doors for white minerals export to various countries. Ever since then, Standard Paint Industries sustained efforts towards excellence and innovation has made it a prominent name in the industrial arena.


Standard Paint Industries offers a wide range of industrial minerals having diverse applications in various industrial sectors. Extracted from world’s best reserves and processed using state-of-the-art technologies, our industrial minerals are widely used in Paint & Powder Coatings, Plastics, Textiles, Rubber, Paper Textiles, and Sealants industry.

dreamstime_5041554_-_Earth_globe_In_Hand_-_Nikolais_op_400x600-s.jpgStandard Calcium Carbonate, Standard Talc, Standard Dol, Standard Chalk and Standard Kaolin are used in various industries and known for their quality. The whiteness and fineness of these products are one controlled and as per the demands of the clientele.

powder1.jpgStandard Mica, Standard Barytes and Standard Silica with diverse formulations are used as Extenders in many industries. These products have excellent opacity, durability and dispersion quality offering brightness and weather resistance to exterior paints.

Calcium.summ[1].jpgStandard Red Oxide of high quality and narrow particle size is extensively used in paint industry along with building/ construction and various other industries including ceramic industries, which use it as a pigment.

Standard Minerals innovative & continuous R&D focused team and policies thrive to add more products into its wide range of products in the years to come, with continuous interaction with its domestic and international customers. Standard Minerals is a customer centric organization where the key is in the customers’ hand.

mineral_map.gifThe Mineral Rich Pakistan

Pakistan is host to some of the best Talc deposits in the world, which are being exported in huge quantities throughout the world in all the continents. The Upper NWFP Region of Pakistan, specifically Abbotabad & Mansehra Region is a mineral rich region distinguished in the world as it holds large quantities of quality minerals. It is home to diverse mineral deposits ranging from Calcium Carbonate and Marble, Iron ore and Manganese ore to Fluorite deposits and Fluorite granite, Dolomite, Red Oxide and Highest Quality talc with minimum impurities and highest brightness/whiteness.

Pakistan has been blessed with one the highest quality minerals in abundant quantity. The purity and high eminence minerals are distinguished in the region. There is a never-ending list of minerals that Pak-Land contains out of which our industry related are:

·         Marble/ Calcium Carbonate – NWFP Region

·         Talcum & Soapstone Deposits in Abbottabad Region

·         Chalk Deposits in interior Sindh

·         Dolomite Deposits in NWFP

·         Fluorite & Fluorite Granite Deposits –NWFP Region

·         Calcite Deposits

·         stone.jpgBaryte in NWFP and Baluchistan Regions

·         Red Oxide/ Yellow Oxide Deposits in Sindh,          Balcuhistan & NWFP

·         Laminyte Deposits – NWFP Region

·         Brown Umber Deposits in Sindh

·         China Clay [Kaolin] in Punjab Region




crystals-caco3.psd.jpgPakistan hosts a diverse and extensive mineral deposits in different zones out of which Standard minerals have worked hard to develop a portfolio of mineral products after thorough research, study and experience of over 30 years in the field. The minerals already graded and sampled at the mines are reexamined and tested for best results as per industrial use then they are sorted, graded and grinded separately thus helping  to develop a diverse portfolio of products for diverse industries and various grades that suits the extensive portfolio of customers.

Standard Paint Industries have spent enormous amounts on maintaining the environment following the environment rules and regulations of international standards. SPI has been certified by thePakistan Environment Board and we have developed such dust control systems which other competitors lack. Thus this proves that to SPI, Health and Safety of not only the workers is imperative but the environment and general public is also our concern.

The quality assurance personnel deputed especially for the quality check & audit at the manufacturing facility allows thorough quality assurance other than the trained staff that tests and analyzes samples on hourly basis. The loader and the delivery supervisor is subject to re-check and test the samples that are being loaded for delivery in the vehicles so that there is no chance of missing any single defected (if any) in the lot.

Our laboratory personnel are always on the run to test and analyze the samples of the raw materials and finished product so as to maintain the quality of the products. Various technical tests are taken under by the R&D and Quality Assurance Dept. of regular purchases and new minerals of different mines which are tested at the factory premises and at quality labs in Karachi with which our dept. is always in touch. For this purpose, heavy expenditure is undertaken by Standard Minerals on continuous Lab tests so as to stay ahead of our competitors in terms of quality  and innovation.



The Standard Paint Industry has always been in the search of advance technologies to upgrade the processes and systems through innovative equipment being marketed in the world by renowned manufacturers as to us innovation is the path to lead for any organization such as SPI. Starting off from the Pulverizer technology to the English Raymond Grinding Mills to Steam Air Jet Micronizing Equipment to the latest, controlled and most efficient German Ball Mill and Air Jet German Classifier Technology by renowned Alpine has been the history of adapting to their focus on innovation at  Standard Minerals.





Packing is an elementary part of any product and Standard Minerals has laid great stress on the perfect packing of its products satisfying the clientele. High gram mage Poly Propylene bags from reputed large suppliers in the country is part of our purchases; other than the high quality imported Kraft paper used to make paper bags for our clientele who demand high quality packaging. Special requests (at extra costs) for bulky orders are also entertained for special packing options such as 1-ton jumbo bags and shrink-wrapping & pelletization of containers.




We at Standard Paints, perceive to be an innovative mineral filler specialist who produces, refines and markets white minerals to a large customer base. Our expertise and production equipment and techniques for grinding, grading and refining are one of the most advanced in the country.

We offer a vast, competitive range of mineral products to the international and local market. Our objective is to achieve the most complete, high-quality utilization of the available deposits.

We wish to expand our market position, domestic and foreign, on a persistent basis.

We wish to fulfil our customers’ requirements through quality by use of TQM, continuous improvement of our processes, professional competence and application support and collaboration.

We wish to keep the pace of enhancement of our product line constantly to meet customer-oriented requirements.

At Standard Paints, we have a vision to "Be recognized by our customers as their most preferred supplier!"

We wish to be the powder engineers!